Hope for natural birth

In June of this year I was blessed with the chance to have a natural labour and child birth. It was the most amazing experience ever.
In October of 2012 I had severe abdominal pains. It felt like a bowling ball was in my uterus and it was attempting to make its way out of my body. Prior to this I had reoccurring cysts (which may have been the result of the IUD I had put in after my son was born in 2006). I was used to having pain in my ovaries because cysts can be terribly painful. However, this pain was unbearable. I went to a walk in clinic and found out that I was "a little bit" pregnant. I was then sent to the Emergency room at my local hospital in fear that I may be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. After a few weeks of blood testing and ultrasounds (they wanted to make sure the pregnancy hormone was rising in my blood levels and that the embryo was in my uterus and not my tube)it was confirmed that my pregnancy was not ectopic. I was ecstatic but also worried; I had to have a caesarian to deliver my first son and now there was an ectopic pregnancy scare in the beginning of my second pregnancy. Regardless, I made it through the first three months without having a miscarriage and carried on full term.
This pregnancy was so much different then the first one. My hips hurt a lot, so much so that it was hard to walk for long periods of time. This time the baby was much lower. I was hoping that it was the head that was wedged into my pelvis rather then his bottom. Thankfully it was. My little one dropped at roughly 36 weeks and after having my membranes swept at 39 weeks (I was ready to get this little guy out!). I went into labour. Prior to having my membranes swept I was having false contractions which are a real pain, literally. Having my membranes swept helped to ease the process along. My labour was excruciatingly painful (which labour isn't?!). I had planned to have a drug free home birth but my contractions were one minute apart and lasted for 30 seconds and I was exhausted from being in false labour for two days prior. I dilated from 3cm to 9cm within 2 hours. I made it to the hospital at 6:15 pm and my beautiful baby boy was born naturally with NO drugs at 7:01 pm. I was and am very proud of the fact that I made it through the whole process with no drugs.
I had finally gotten the labour and delivery that I had so badly hoped for during my first pregnancy. I hope that this inspires those of you who may have a breech pregnancy; there is hope in the future for a natural delivery!

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